NextGen Michigan


The goal of the NextGen Collaboration Project is to provide a powerful, web-based environment that will support the U-M's leadership in teaching, learning, and discovery; improve collaboration among faculty, students, and staff (and colleagues around the world); and reduce operational costs.

A New Era in Online Collaboration

Endeavors between campus units, with other universities, and with the private sector increasingly rely on collaboration tools to facilitate communication and support the sharing of information anytime, any place, and with anyone in the world via the Internet.

Following a comprehensive assessment of the current state of computing on the Ann Arbor campus, the University of Michigan has initiated a project to improve the U-M collaboration environment. Another objective of the project is to reduce redundancy and cost inefficiencies by consolidating email and calendaring.

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Google Apps for Education

After an extensive evaluation process, U-M chose Google in January 2011 to provide U-M students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of tools to improve collaboration. The project is scheduled to begin roll out in the spring of 2012. Once fully deployed, it will become the most significant campus-wide computing service not hosted by U-M.

Although the Google suite of apps provides the core of the NextGen Collaboration effort, other projects—such as Storage and Cloud Computing—also support collaborative activities.